Hiya everyone!

I'm Chrissa - future aerospace engineer and the face behind Miss Astronautica

I decided to leave the True North to embark on a new adventure in Scotland, the land of my ancestors, in 2016, and have been on the move since!​

I'm currently a Mechanical Engineering student in Edinburgh, trying to juggle my degree as well as society roles, volunteering, and exercise (hello 6am gym sessions!). Space has long since been a love of mine, which is why I've decided to throw myself into the space world. Watch out aerospace industry- I'm coming for you.

Lately, somewhere within all of this craziness, I've been seeking a bit more balance within my life. I feel like my creative pursuits have taken a bit of a back burner amongst all of my other activities. That's where this blog comes in.

I want to share this as a source of inspiration, to help me focus on myself and my passions, and share them in my little corner of the Internet. This will be an online journal - to share my thoughts, passions, and photography- if I ever manage to figure out my DSLR.

Thanks for following along!

Ad Astra,

Christina x


Introducing my intern, Sulakna!


Hi my name's Sula!


I'm a civil engineering student at the University of Edinburgh who has a passion for helping build a sustainable future.


It was this that often lead me to research new and upcoming innovations to help build the future that will help us live alongside this planet, instead of destroying it. 


This lead me to realise my creative side, and my interests in writing grew from then on- so here I am! I hope you enjoy this corner of the internet filled with engineering!