My Life As Chrissy

You've made it to my first post, hooray! Welcome along the adventure of my life. I'm Chrissy, a current mechanical engineering undergraduate at the University of Edinburgh. As a Canadian in the UK, I definitely stand out a little bit with my "weird" pronunciation and obsession with maple syrup.

Who the heck is the girl behind the blog?

One of the main things that people know about me is my obsession with space. Anything that involves the space industry absolutely fascinates me, and I have a crazy, crazy goal of becoming an astronaut. I mean, the word itself is spectacular. Astro (from the Greek word for "star") and naut (from the Greek word for "sailor"). Essentially, astronauts are star sailors. How cool is that? Also, the actual job isn't too shabby itself.

Being a keen advocate for women in STEM, I am part of my university's Women in STEM Society where I am pushing for more representation in engineering. I'm also involved in my university's brand new rocketry team, while also being a Content Writer for Space Careers UK. I'm not going to lie, it's a bit exhausting when I'm up until the early hours of the morning desperately trying to finish some of my tasks and an assignment for the next day, but I love everything I do!

I'm also super into fitness. Always have been, always will be. I used to do a lot of alpine skiing, and even competed when I was younger. Now, I'm more of a runner and gym gal. I also like to try out new activities, so you can sometimes find me at dance classes, kickboxing, or even doing intramural sports (even if I sometimes don't understand them, specifically talking about netball here).

Why does this blog exist?

I think that everyone deserves to have a voice (including me!), which is why I have decided to start up this blog! I love that everything can be stored in a little area of the internet, and need a bit of a creative outlet after dealing with all of my other projects.

I've also decided to showcase my experience, in case any of you are wondering about how I've gotten to where I am now, as well as if any company representatives come across my site (UK Space Agency? ESA? CSA?).

Also, I really want to spread some of the stories of some amazing Women in STEM/Space, and hope it will be interesting for anyone who comes across this blog. Therefore, I'm going to be doing interviews every once in a while in hopes that someone else will get inspired. I heard a quote the other day "you can't be what you can't see", so I'm going to do my part and get some stories out on to the web.

Now, why should you follow along? I mean, I get it. Most of the time, I'm just stressing over assignments, and turn into a bit of a hermit. However, I want to provide a resource for anyone looking for a bit of a weird blend between STEM and creativity.

So, what type of stuff will you be posting?

That is one great question! I'm probably going to try out a few different formats before I get it right. See, even engineers don't know the answer sometime! In general, these are the types of things I want to speak about:


Health and Fitness


Inspirational Interviews



One category I would love to speak about is travel. I don't generally get to do too much travelling now, but hopefully will in the future! I also really love languages, and learning new things, so am going to create "Explorations" category, instead of a "Travel" section for now, so I can document new skills or languages that I attempt to learn.

Who's going to be reading this?

Well, anyone like you, really, whoever you are! I'm going to be the the first to admit that I'm definitely not perfect, and have my struggles, but want to create an online record of my journey through life. Hopefully, some of you will find this inspirational, and perhaps push yourself to reach for your own goals. I was recently told that not everyone has the same inner drive as me to make things happen, and they may struggle to understand how to join all of these cool things going on. What I say to that is, "listen to what you really want, and then go for it! Don't be afraid of rejection, because if you never try, you never know what could happen." Personally, I never really believed I could be some type of content writer or advocate for women in STEM, but here I am!

Also, please feel free to comment on any of my posts, and share your own journey. I love making new friends and hearing about other peoples' stories, so feel free to reach out if you want to speak about your own.

What are some blogging goals?

Ultimately, I'm writing here because I want to create a lovely little place on the internet to share my own interests and passions. I'm still developing as an engineer (I don't even know what type of area I want to specialise in, eek!) and as a general person. This blog will help me explore my interests and perhaps I'll learn some new things along the way!

As well, I want to build up all of those future steminists (my new favourite word-thanks Equate Scotland!) and encourage you to chase your wildest dreams.

Anyways, I'm really excited to have you along this journey, and I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures. As Kathy Sullivan signed in her book, "Reach for the stars!"


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Mechanical Engineering student. Future space engineer. Writer. Runner. Passionate about getting more women into STEM.

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